Dylan Beach, is the winner in Paris of the 2015 International Beauty Stylist Awards, from which he was invited to perform on stage and teach in Berlin in the spring of 2016.

Dylan, is a man about town, known for his charm, quick wit and dazzling techniques with the scissors and straight razor. He first began to hone his skill in the hair world on the porch of his parents’ house. Friends, and friends of friends of friends would line up just waiting to have their heads shaved. This satisfied young Dylan for a short while. But he soon grew curious and would frequent a local salon and observe the styles his own personal barber would cultivate. He practiced. And practiced some more. He had some brave, some daft guinea pigs for said practice. Eventually Dylan’s stylist realized what he was up to and finally offered him a job. It was then that Dylan received extensive training and began to find his niche. He trained with Bumble and Bumble and flew to NYC to learn the craft of cutting hair with the straight razor at the Bumble and Bumble New York Academy.

Over the years Dylan has had three different mentors that have inspired him to learn the art and science behind coloring and shaping beautiful hair and most recently placed in the top 10 for Canada in La Biosthetique’s 2013 International Beauty Stylist Contest. Supported through La Biosthetique Dylan has had opportunities and experiences working back stage on some of Vancouver’s largest fashion events; being Eco Fashion Week, La Biosthetique Trend shows and the Great Miss World Canada Beauty Pageant where all of the women loved him and he received Kanye status behind the scenes. He has also thrived on local fashion shows working one on one with designers Jacqueline Conoir.

In his spare time Dylan can be found around Vancouver on his bike, on the dance floor enjoying some live music, in the ring boxing with the Eastside Boxing Club, reading in coffee shops, writing, painting, or just kickin’ it with the homies. He usually has a new tattoo, and looks quite dapper in a bow tie.

Check out Dylan’s work on Instagram @dylanbeatch

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