Hair Treatments and Conditioning

La Biosthetique’s Culture goes beyond a perfect cut and color. Let us pamper you with our Spa Hair Treatments for hair and scalp using precious natural care substances for luxurious, healthy feeling hair. A hair and scalp diagnosis and an individual treatment recommendation is something we take for granted and is offered to you complimentary.

Color Care

Timing: 10min

Price: 15+

Freshen up between color processes for vibrant, glamorous shine and deep conditioning! Using bamboo extract which is rich in essential Omega 6 fatty acids, vitamins and mineral salts.

Express Care

Timing: 5min

Price: 15+

Special attention to long hair to keep it healthy and strong! A luxury treatment using an instant care serum for detangling and restructuring.

Intensive Care

Timing: 15min

Price: 20+

Structure building, deep conditioning spa treatment! Regenerates the hair structure and gives silky shine.

Luxurious Care

Timing: 25min

Price: 30+

For glossy shine, silkiness and gorgeous volume. This innovative formula blends natural premium active ingredients with essential minerals and reconstruction formulas in two unified care phases.

Dermosthetique Anti-Hair Loss Therapy

Timing: 10min

Price: 30+

Anti-aging treatment with intensive action to combat hair loss and to promote hair growth.

Dermosthetique Anti-Dandruff Hair Therapy

Timing: 20min

Price: 30+

This intensive therapy with Anti-Dandruff formulation uses a combination of active ingredients to effectively combat itchiness and soothe or prevent scalp irritations. Scalp peeling mask, relaxing active hair wash which normalizes the scalp environment followed by a soothing scalp cream.